My Crazy Lyft Driving Experience During The Country Thunder Music Festival
Written by efreezee

My Crazy Lyft Driving Experience In Florence Arizona

Hey Guys, Its Erick your friendly fellow Lyft driver. I decided to put this post together because I wanted to tell you about my crazy experience I had driving for Lyft a couple of weeks ago. I heard about the Country Thunder Music Festival that was going on in Florence, AZ from April 7th-10th. I kept getting texts about it from Uber and Lyft and decided that the 75 mile trip out there was worth all of the big buck I thought I was going to make. Here is a map of the 1hr and 12min trip I had to take to get out there.

Now let me start off by letting you know that this music festival took place on a Saturday night while Lyft was offering the $40 an hour guarantees from 10pm to 3am. Not only was I giving up a 2 potential $40 guaranteed hours but it was actually going to cost me $12 is gas to take this chance. So, all together it was going to cost me $92 to take a chance and make around $300-$500, so I thought.

I drove the entire 72.3 miles out to the Country Thunder music festival only to… get all the way out there, get waved down by one of the officers near the dedicated Uber/Lyft lot, and for them to tell me “were turning you guys away, that whole lot over there is filled up with you guys. You probably wont even get a passenger, you can turn around over here though”. Well thank you very much officer.


That freaking sucked! I lost out on $92 dollars and had to drive 72.3 miles back to Phoenix to pick up passengers again. That’s the last time I choose a guaranteed opportunity over a possibility.

Although, I didn’t end up having to drive the whole way back to Phoenix. By the time I had make it to Mesa, AZ I had already got requested by a passenger. I cant remember where I ended up driving them but it did get me a little closer to home.

I did still end up making great money that night but that just goes to show you. Stick with what you know works. Yeah, I could of ended up scoring big had their been an 8X’s the normal rate surge or prime time or something but I also could of made the guaranteed $92 bucks for that first couple of hours, plus the rest of the guarantees for that night earning me $200+ total.

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    1. I would just like to connect with a driver as I started last summer for a short time but had to stop due to other obligations and would like a refresher course and there are no mentors.

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